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MFTracker app is free tracking software which can easily track a phone and let you remotely monitor and control that phone


Free Cell Phone Tracker


So how does MFTracker works?

We will tell you about the tracking app MFTracker and tell you the advantages you can get by using this app.


Do you need to track the location of your partner’s cell phone? Want to know where they go in your absence or what they do in your absence. Do you have doubt on them and think they are cheating on you? Do you want to know with whom they chat or go?


MF tracker is an application that tracks the mobile phone. It is therefore known as a tracker. MF tracker is also different from them. It has attractive and innovative features that not only tracks the location but does complete tracking.


Most of the tracking apps offer free trial option however MFTracker offers total FREE to the user. You can track on target phone without purchase any thing.

Everything about Free Cell Phone Tracker App – MFTracker

Everything about MFTracker - Free Cell Phone Tracker App

Catch Cheating Spouse

You can easily know where your partner is most of the time; you can know where your partner is spending all his salary. MFTracker provides you with all the details of the calls, SMS, location and helps you to monitor what are the sites that are mostly visited by your partner.

Parental Control

With the help of this app parents can know where their children are. You can know with whom they are chatting on the phone. All the details of the activities can be easily known to you that are done on the phone.

Employee Monitoring

You can easily know why your employees being late to office. There are employees who share all the confidential news of the office to the other competitors so with the help mobile spy app you can easily know who is doing this.

Backup & Find Lost Phones

If your file lost and the person who gets the phone has erased all that you are having on the phone then you do not have to worry about you can get all the backups of your phone and files.

Features of MFTracker - Best Free Phone Tracker App

These are the MFTracker features and to know more about its features you can install the tracking app in your phone.

GPS Tracking

No matter where the person is, it will tell you the accurate position of the device. It gives you complete information that is you can also know about their past location history.

Message Tracker

What if your cheating partner is chatting on messages? It can also track the messages which means you can know what they are chatting. Along with the messages, you can identify where those messages came.

Call Tracker

MFTracker spy on the contact number tells you how many times that person has called your partner. It will tell you how long they have talked.

WhatsApp Spy

The entire messages that are done on the WhatsApp will be available to you. All the photos, videos, and all the multimedia files will be available to you. Past conversation can also be known to known to you easily.

Social Chats Monitoring

You can monitor all the activity of these apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and many more tracking app will enable you to get all the conversation, all the files photos that are being shared by the person will also be known to you easily.

Check Internet History

This one is again useful for parents as they can know what is being searched by their children on the internet. All the bad websites or unnecessary sites can be blocked once you get to know about their internet surfing habits.

Call Recording

You can record all the calls and later use them as proof against their lies. MFTracker will keep the records of the calls separately and deliver it your accounts i.e. spy account that you will create with MFTracker.

Check Their Gallery

The latest phones have the feature of hiding the pictures which have made it easier for them to keep their secret photos on the phone. Now you can check those secrets and also download from their phone.

Block The Applications

MFTracker has an interesting feature of blocking the applications. It means if your partner is using a dating app or some other apps that are causing harm to your relationships then you can block them.


This free phone tracker app has all the features you'd expect it to have. It's also easy to use and has many features for Free.

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Download MFTracker Now & track on cell phone
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Let us learn the steps to make use of MFTracker app

Go to and download the app. It's simple to do it and it will take 10 seconds only. Once you got it, install it by choosing the device on which it needs to be installed. Check the compatibility. Give permissions to the app to use all the application of the device. Create an account. In order to use the application, an account needs to be created where you will receive all the information that it will fetch from the device.

Don't worry about the safety of your information. MFTracker keeps the personal information such as the name, age, phone number and email address of users safe from the third party. However, don’t give the incorrect answer otherwise you will not get the information you need from MF tracker.

Finally, when you are done with this formality you can simply sit and wait for the information. Let the MF tracker do it works. It is the best application for all your needs. It can accurately fetch the secrets you wish to know.

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