How to track text messages on another phone

How to track text messages on another phone
How to track text messages on another phone

Way to track text messages on another phone using MFTracker

This is a novice guide to those who wanna spy on someone’s android cell phone. The market of full of monitoring application however not everyone is reliable and trustworthy. Some of them are best and can be taken for free. This application is about a special and eye-catching application known as MFTracker app. It works well on all versions of Android.

Way to track text messages on another phone using MFTracker
Way to track text messages on another phone using MFTracker

This guide will show you up why this application is best for you and how one can make use of it. Go through the guide spy your parents, partner, and kid.

MFTracker – Best Text Message Tracker App

MFTracker - Best Text Message Tracker App
MFTracker – Best Text Message Tracker App

The android phone tracking application is easy to install and use. They aren’t vulnerable to viruses and damages. They offer high-quality services at free of cost. It is capable of tracking all the suspect activities from different corners of life. The cell phone works like a spying agent such as James Bond. The user will be able to keep track of all the records about the suspect. No matter whether the chat got held in the past or at present, you will be able to gather information from the past as well as the present.

The typed password on the suspect cell phone will be absorbed by this powerful tool. It can store all the information and data on the control panel. The control panel is user-friendly and it can be operated easily. The user thus can virtually control the cell phone from a far distance even from a different angle. You can download the information any time and see it many times.

Basic installation and downloading process

  • Download- you can make use of this link to download as well as install the application. The application is easy to download. It can be operated easily through all parts of the globe. The monitoring can be taken place even from your home as well.
  • Activate- now you are allowed to activate the account. You are supposed to connect the application with the suspect device. Once the device is activated you got licensed to spy on someone. You can receive messages from the cell phone of the suspect. For activation, you can fill in the details of the suspect.
  • Monitor-From your computer, cell phone or mobile phone, you can gather information from GPS, and calls.

Once the application got installed you can use it via a reliable and trustworthy internet connection. You don’t have to watch the tutorials on the internet so as to operate the app as it comes with a pre-assisted assistant. You can get a solution to all the problems through it. The instructions must be read before you go through the entire spying process. It makes your spying quite simpler, and you will be able to hack on the person thoroughly.

The MFTracker is a no jailbreaker application that can read and save all the messages from the suspect cell phone. It can gather information from browsing history, calls, GPS location, and messages. It can work awesomely on Android versions. You just have to install the app and then the rest part will be done by the software.

Features of the app

Given below is a list of features offered by the MFTracker

  • Call history– the MFTracker is capable of tracking all the calls. It brings all the information such as GPS coordinates, phone number, date and time, and duration with a contact number.
  • Record surroundings– you will be able to record all the surrounding voices and noises within seconds. The feature is known as ambient listening and it can easily capture all the voices that surround the suspect.
  • SMS messages– parents can keep an eye over the kids and see to whom they are talking. The kind of messages that are being delivered or send can be known via these features. This makes the spying much more interesting.
  • MMS messages– the feature can be used to view the MMS messages. It can gather information from the name of the contact, phone number, date and time.
  • GPS coordinates– The monitoring tool can be used so as to locate the exact position of the suspect. It can accurately figure out the latitude or longitude. Thus the user is able to know the position of their kid, spouse or partner.
  • Browsing history– the browsing history, as well as the bookmarked things, can be known via this feature.


You can know more about the MFTracker from its official site. To use it you can visit the link and have the app to spy on your partner or spouse.



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