How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing
How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Track location of your children in a simple way

There could be ample of reasons to know where your child is. And not just your child, you may want to know where your husband or friend goes without informing you. Well, everyone has freedom to go anywhere they like but going at wrong places or meeting unknown person for some benefit is not acceptable. Many cases lead to huge problems later and thus it’s always important that you inform your dearest ones before going to an unknown location with your friend. Safety of an individual matters no doubt whether the person is close or not to you.

Even a slight hint of inappropriate action means you need to be on alert. You can always manually follow them but how long and how far. This unconventional and inconvenience method may not give you correct information. Henceforth, rely on latest technological method with the use of spy apps. These tools are helpful in knowing the whereabouts of any person. Handy of tools are available in the stores but can you trust all of them because its matter of privacy too.

Not all apps are good

Yes, you need to remember this before you land to any app for location tracking. Why we are saying that is because even apps are selling information to the third party apps that can cause trouble later. So not only for their safety but also for your safety, use only reputed apps. And one such name in the reputed app list is MFTracker.

MFTracker – Free Phone Tracker App

This tracker app is one stop solution for millions of the users who are interested in knowing the whereabouts of their kid or any other person. It does not mean that anyone on this earth can be tracked using it. You have to have access to their device which certainly indicates that you at least know that person closely. Usually, it is recommendable app for parents and spouse. Even managers can use it to check the latest whereabouts of their employees who work at the remote location.

No technical knowledge is required to use this app henceforth parents can easily use it. MFTracker will keep an eye on your kid and employee on your behalf and absence, so feel safe. The app is designed for legal use and have privacy policy that strictly mention the use of app. In case you violate the app’s policy you will be responsible for the consequences. We suggest you to always read the app’s policy first and then agree to its use. Read it on the link

How safe MFTracker is

MFTracker is an invisible app that means it hides itself at the background of a device and works secretly. This is the first thing that any spy app should do because the target should not be aware about the location tracking especially when done without his or her knowledge. Although you can inform the users about his location monitoring for safety purpose especially when the user is a kid but this app is good for tracking older parents at home as well. When you are out in the office, your grandparents are alone at home. They don’t feel like staying home so they go out to have some fresh air. The old age is very uncertain stage and anything can happen anytime. You cannot be with them all the time but their phone can inform you about them. Install the app in their device and you will be aware about their happenings in your absence. Likewise, it can be done for the kids.

But when it comes to monitor a person who is about to cheat you or your employees then hiding the app is inevitable. As knowing about the MFTracker in their device means they will be more alert. So, you will not get desired information. Hide the app from the device settings as per mentioned under the instructions in the link.

How good the app is

You should definitely search for this answer because your satisfaction depends on the performance of app. MFTracker is considered best application for not only tracking of location but also other features. It tracks the location through GPS feature of the target device. As a result, you get accurate results.

Besides this, the app can track other features of the device which includes the following:

Monitoring of calls– call monitoring is an inevitable feature that users who want to spy others need. The application can record the calls for you along with other information of the call.

Monitoring of SMS– SMS monitoring is also a desired feature when it come to spy someone. The SMS content, sender and receiver information, and time of SMS conversation is all sent to the user through the app.

Monitoring of surrounding– it let you turn on the camera secretly to capture surrounding pictures. And you can even take screenshot of the target device via this app. Besides this, the ambient listening feature makes you listen to the surrounding voice to the target. It’s a vital feature of any application.

Monitoring of social media platforms– although social media platforms are developed for our benefit but these give us more opportunities to misuse the platforms. Usually, kids and young teens are getting advantage of these platforms. These have become a platform for cheating, bullying, teasing, and luring naïve users. Monitoring thus becomes essential to stop these activities. MF tracker can steal information from their WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms they might be using. The details it can fetch include their chats, calls, shared media, files, photos, and more.

Contact monitoring– knowing about the contact details and history of a person is also mandatory when you are spying over them. This spy app tracks their phone book and let you check every contact from their contact book.

Monitor gallery– you must be eager to know what is hidden in their gallery of the device. Use the app and track their hidden gallery pictures. This includes the video and audio files saved in the device. Also, screenshots and other data saved on the device can be tracked easily.

Monitoring of their history– here we are not talking about their call history but we are talking about their web history, search history, and watch history. Users would delete that after surfing internet but this app can still reveal the search and watch history. Moreover, you can block the websites they might be surfing frequently. This is good feature for parents who don’t want their kids to stay busy on inappropriate websites for long.

Moreover, the MFTracker will let you block any application from the device that you think is not good for kid’s health. You can delete apps like tinder, games like PUBG and more in which kids can waste their useful time for hours.


Location tracking is essential in some cases especially when your kids are hiding secrets from you or your employee is cheating to you. The tracker apps are handy in these situations but always use a best app. MFTracker is a known and reputed name in the industry, so download the app now!  Use the link above and get ready to know about every single step of your child.



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