MFTracker Features

Features of the mobile phone tracker tool you need to know

Features of the mobile phone tracker tool you need to know
Features of the mobile phone tracker tool you need to know

In this virtual space technological world, tracking system has captured every single sector. No matter whether it is business, government agencies, etc all make use of tracking tool. In order to understand it well, you can consider yourself a central processor and the tracker a tool that offers feedback through estimation of the current position of the suspect. Do you wish to experience tracking in the real world? Obviously, then read the guide on phone tracker features via MFTracker.

Mobile tracker such as MFTracker is completely free and it permits the individual to freely monitor or spy on the kid, employee or spouse. Basically, it is a supervision device that clears off all the concerns and doubt related to the suspect. The mobile monitoring application can track activities of the suspect through the usage of features. Given below are some of the features that sanction you to gather information directly from the screen of the suspect device.

GPS location tracking

MFTracker offers an interesting and eye-catching feature known as GPS location tracking. The user thus able to detect the live location of the suspect on the Google map, other than it can track call recording while real-time location tracking. Global positioning feature enables the user to activate it in one click.

Tracking SMS/MMS

All the received and send MMS/SMS present on the target device can be extracted very well through the feature. Even the messages that are kept in high privacy can be extracted easily.

Instant Messaging

With rooting the suspect cell phone you are able to congregate messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, and LINE. It provides a special service that enables you to track messages from Snapchat, Gmail, kik, and another messenger too.

Tracking Calls

You will be able to peep in the suspect device and hear all the incoming/outgoing calls. This can be easily identified or determined through this feature. It can record calls, block calls, and track call logs.

Photo tracking

The MFTracker enable the user to glare into the entire range of photos available on the target phone. You are even allowed to look into the hidden photos and images with full privacy or security. You can view images and photos via this feature that can be saved later on.

Remote control

You are free to fully take remote control of all the deleted data or information. Even the messages that come over the screen with vibration can be read and save well. In addition to this, the individual is free to record audio, track SMS command, and collect all the taken pictures.