How to intercept text messages without target phone

How to intercept text messages without target phone
How to intercept text messages without target phone

Learn way to intercept text messages without target phone

Several options are today available to intercept text messages easily. One has to simply find the best options among them. However, finding the best one is not going to be easy for the beginner. Several options which are less expensive seem better but they are not reliable while others are expensive and not affordable. The combination of the affordable and reliable option is also available i.e. MFTracker. It is one such option that is affordable since it is free and reliable as it has all the latest features for spying and also keeps the user safe from other users.

Learn way to intercept text messages without target phone
Learn way to intercept text messages without target phone

Is it possible to spy without installing any software

Many users think that installing software on the target device means letting target person know about the spying. Therefore, they search for ways where they don’t have to install software. But, that’s not possible, one has to install software on the target phone. If you get websites claiming no download of software then doesn’t fall into their trap. It might be a scam where all your personal information will be stolen and used against you.

Go to the reliable way that is installing MFTracker.

MFTracker is complete monitoring software which is designed to work with any operating system used by your device. It is highly compatible and thus popular among users. Its use is quite easy and even a beginner can use it without much difficulty. One doesn’t have to have a high knowledge of spy software or computer in order to learn its use. At the website of MFTracker, you will get the demo of the working of the software.

Watch the demo and then follow the instructions for download. If you don’t want to waste your time watching demo then here are the steps of downloading MFTracker.

Download MFTracker for intercepting text messages without target phone

  • Go to which is the official website to get the application
  • At the home page, you will see the option of download now, click on it
  • Choose the device and set the device to download from unknown sources
  • The software will start downloading and installing
  • Give permission to access the gallery, camera, and other apps on the device
  • Click on OK button
  • Now go to settings and hide the icon

Your secret spy agent is set on the target phone to intercept text messages. However, the users have to register with MFTracker i.e. they have to create an account. Share your personal information such as name, email and phone number with MFTracker and create an account. Set a safe and easy password so that you can log in anytime with MFTracker. Always remember to share the correct information otherwise you will not be able to access the dashboard once you have lost the password. With the correct details, you can again get a new password and continue to intercept the text messages of the target.

MFTracker is different from other software as it allows you to get a free trial as well asks no fee to continue using it. It is a quality tool to share the secrets of the target device with you. It offers many benefits to the user for intercepting text messages. Few of them are described below.

Benefits to the parents

Parents are the one who is highly beneficial from the MFTracker. There are several good reasons for it.

  • Cyberbullying– online predators are always ready to target novice child and internet users. They use dirty tricks to get their target in the trap. Parents are in constant fear of losing their child in the hands of these dirty online predators. MFTracker can be the savior of your child. It let you know when they are going wrong and keep your child safe from dangers that are prevailing online.
  • Sexting– it is again a common way of harassing someone by sending them inappropriate photos and messages. MFTracker will tell you what kind of media they receive on their smartphones. You can stop them receiving.
  • Monitoring– simply monitoring their text messages and gallery is not what you are supposed to expect from MFTracker. It can guide you about their location so that you are in touch with your kids every time. Parents can monitor their kids in other ways as well. They can check their address books, check their online activities, check their browsing history, and more.


MFTracker is a savior for the parents to stop their kids from falling into wrong hands. Consider these reasons and get the application now.



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