Download & Install Free Phone Tracker

How one can Download & Install Free Phone Tracker – MFTracker

How one can Download & Install Free Phone Tracker - MFTracker
How one can Download & Install Free Phone Tracker – MFTracker

With the increase in cybercrime and innocent getting easily trapped in the trap of cyberbullies, has led those to face lots of troubles. Today with the high technology advancement has allowed the smart software developers to develop the smart mobile tracking tool. The tools are created by adding lots of innovative features that help a hacker to have complete control over every activity conducted on the target phone and ensure the safety of the dearest ones. Do you really worry that your child might not get trap in those bullies trap? Do you worry that your employee is abusing the privilege of the company and sharing secrets?

Here MFTracker app will help you to keep full track over them. Mobile spy tool helps the parents and employers in the monitoring of the activities over the tablets and Smartphone. The hacker is using those to know all about the activities done like text messaging, calling, site visited, photos, GPS location tracking, etc. Mobile spy tool like MFTracker is actually a hybrid service or software that allows a user in doing the monitoring over the Smartphone usage at real-time. This is a unique system that easily logs all the activities of the operating system regardless of iOS or Android.  In order to use the tracking tool, a user needs to install and set up the app on the device that is to be monitored. Once done with all successfully, it definitely will log the array of cell phone activities and then deliver the details to the app control panel through the internet.  To view the result just log in through any web browser and fill in the username and password. Through the live control panel, one can view the device screen and real-time location.

MFTracker is high tech mobile monitoring software that allows a user to see exactly what is going on in their device. With whom spouse, children, and employee engagement over their device for so long. Are employees disloyal to your company? Is your spouse engaged with someone else? Do they delete all the phone logs? With access to the best mobile monitoring and tracking solution, everything will be in your hand. This powerful and effective system will let you in monitoring all the activities in real-time. All the logs are safely stored into the MFTracker mobile spy control panel and that can be easily accessed from any browser through login details like username and password. At any time one can log in through any location and view the result with access to the device.

What is special in this tracking tool

  • Smartphone interface- This particular program is loaded on the device directly which is to be hacked. The interface is accessible easily by opening the app and then filling up the login details like username and password.
  • Track child and employee activities- The device notification and app icon remind you that they are tracked by you. Through the tracking tool, the unwanted app and sites can be blocked to have no more access.
  • Online control panel The online control panel is the place where you are logging into the account in order to see all the logged results inserted by the wizard and it can be accessed from any device and internet browser.
  • Live control panel- This is the place wherein one can view the phone screen and real-time location and do the remote controlling on the device and get all that you want instantly.

Download and install the app on the phone

Before beginning up with the process of downloading make sure that the victim device is having an internet connection. Set the device in order to hassle-free download and install the non-market applications. To allow such an app to get installed easily, go to the setting, and then to the security and lastly enable the unknown sources. Download and install the app on the target device and hit signup for new account registrations. Do the registration with the username and password. Hide the app icon from the device of the victim to stay undetectable. Visit the control panel of the app and view all the tracking data. Log in with the username and password and see all that you want.

Why to choose this tracking tool

If you want to enjoy spying with the quality of monitoring application then the MFTracker app is doubtlessly the best selection for you. Here are few points stating why this tool can be selected.

  • Many innovative features are offered
  • It is easy to download, install and use the app
  • It tracks social media activities (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat)
  • Whatsapp spy is also possible
  • It monitors the real-time location of the person in real-time
  • There are numbers of satisfied users using it
  • It is compatible with iOS and android

Features of the app

  • Calls spy A hacker will definitely be willing to know that with whom the target person is talking. The tracker detects all calls with full details.
  • SMS spy If a hacker wishes to know all about what conversations are done through text messages and SMS, the app will collect those as well. Regardless of deleted one, all messages will be traced.
  • Monitoring internet history activities- The app allows a user to track down all the activities that the victim conducts over the internet. All the visited URL address, sites, media downloaded will be available at the wizard control panel.
  • WhatsApp Spy All the activities that are commonly done on it like callings, chatting, sharing content, and updating status will be traced within no time.
  • Hidden call recording The calls can be recorded easily in the hidden mode without getting traced. Set the number on automatically call recording and whenever the calling is done with the number, the recording will begin from the moment itself.


No doubt MFTracker app is the best free spying tool that is available exclusively in the market for iOS and Android devices. Install the app and begin to spy effectively.