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MFTracker – Best Free SMS Tracker for tracking on Text Messages

MFTracker - Best Free SMS Tracker for tracking on Text Messages
MFTracker – Best Free SMS Tracker for tracking on Text Messages

In today’s era, the Smartphone has made the life of all of us a lot easier and stay connect with the dearest one. Yes, one can stay connected with the friends, colleagues and spouse and children through SMS that is one of the finest activities done over the smart devices. This is one of the most popular ways of communicating with others. At the same time it also has increased the worries of the parents, employers, spouse and friends that with whom and what talks the respective one of those are done.

If you are the caring and loving parent of kids then you will surely be worrying lot by seeing the strange attitude of the children. They continuously texting over the phone and avoiding the studies might force you to know what exactly going on. Therefore, you might wish to track the SMS activity of the kid but don’t know how. Then you must make use of the best SMS tracker that is available for free.

There on the internet, the plenty of mobile monitoring and tracking tools are available that allows a hacker to easily do the tracking of SMS of victim device. MFTracker app is the best parental control and kid monitoring tool that can be used for the purpose of tracking the SMS without paying any charges. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Just get the app and setup it on the victim device and then discover all that you want like iMessages, SMS and other data from the device through remotely without facing any troubles.

MFTracker will allow a hacker in viewing all the MMS and SMS received or sent by the victim device and even those that are erased. A user can view the content of MMS and SMS. The message type whether received/sent with the name of recipient/sender. Also, the date/time/GPS location message will be easily discovered.

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Why is SMS tracking feature beneficial

Are you really worried about with whom the child is talking so longer nonstop? Do the employees sharing the company’s secrets with others. Also, you want to know what exactly is said in the conversations. With the MFTracker it has become possible nowadays. This feature is greatly useful against the leakage of the confidential information from the organizations and also academic harassment.

Features that you need to know

MFTracker app is the one that permits a hacker in freely doing the monitoring the kids, spouse, employees and prevent data theft and ensure safety. This mobile spying and monitoring tool tracks down all the activities of the victim device like SMS, call history, web history, MMS, GPS location, Email etc.

  • SMS/MMS Spying- The application allows one in reading all the sent and received SMS and MMS from the phone of the user with full details.
  • Calls Spy– The application allows one in viewing all the outgoing, incoming and all deleted/ missed calls with time, duration and date. Also, the calls can be automatically recorded and some calls can also be blocked.
  • GPS location tracking– Mobile tracking tool allows a hacker in tracking down the position of the victim device live. The GPS position history, real-time position tracking is also possible.
  • Multimedia files spying- The mobile phone monitoring tool allows a hacker to view all the photos captured from the mobile phone and images that are received.
  • Instant messaging apps hacking- With the access of the best tracking tool the outgoing and incoming messages from various IM apps can be tracked without rooting victim device. Also access the messages that are received from WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, hangout, and telegram.
  • Remote control- With the remote control a user can fully control the device, delete the data, and make the phone vibrate or ring and also capture the pictures.
  • Websites tracking- All the visited websites can be viewed by the hacker. If found irrelevant sites, blocking those is easily possible.

Ensure safety with this SMS tracker facility

  • Monitor text message content- View all SMS content that is sent and received.
  • View multimedia messages- Viewing the MMS allows a hacker to see all images and photos shared.
  • Review the call logs- See all the information about the calls that are received and made from the device.
  • Track the location- GPS monitoring lets a user in seeing that where the target was at the place when the device is used.
  • Review the internet history- Know what all sites the target has looked over the internet.
  • Search for the SMS- search the messages for the particular keywords if having a specific concern about the behavior of the suspect.
  • Identify with whom is the target interacting- SMS tracker feature integrates with t6he contact list available at the target device and identifies the people names with whom the interaction is going on.

How does it function

In order to finish the registration process and create the user account, install MFTracker app on the victim device. The tracking of the activity will immediately begin as the app is successfully installed. The log will be created and sent to the servers of the app. Login into the user account from the site from any device and any browser and view all the data completely. All the SMS that is sent and received along with multimedia messages will be tracked easily. The details like date, time, contact info etc will be discovered.

Apart from those the phone call logs including duration, time and associated contacts will be available. The GPS system will tell a hacker all about whereabouts of the targeted person. But to stay fully protected you need to hide the app icon from the device of the victim and spy on all the activities of the person in hidden mode. No doubt one can easily protect the dearest from any big, dangerous situation by knowing what is going on with the main communication mode. Just download the app and spy on the cell phone completely.


No doubt today in global market MFTracker has got greater popularity that permits one in knowing the details what all is happening on Android and iOS device. This app is easy to use and filled with more features.