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MFTracker – Best GPS Tracker Free for Android & iPhone

MFTracker - Best GPS Tracker Free for Android & iPhone
MFTracker – Best GPS Tracker Free for Android & iPhone

Nowadays, criminal cases like kidnapping are increasing a lot and it is even found that kids themselves run away from their house due to their parents’ rude behavior. Being a parent it is always important to understand the behavior of your kids, behave just like a friend to them so that they can share their things with you. But, there are also times when kids lie with their parents so that they can enjoy the party with their friends instead of going to college.

So, considering both the facts whether it’s a mistake of kids or mistake of parents that they are not giving them enough time, it is important to keep a track on their activities like where they go and with whom they spend most of their time. Most of the parents have the same problem that their children never tell them the truth where they are going and when they will come. If your kid is also doing such things then what you will do? Off course you hire a detective to keep a track on their activities or stop your kids from going out.

But, as it is said that the more you keep things preserved for long the more frequently they will come out. So rather than keeping your kid inside it is best to let them move freely where they want to go. If you to know where they, why they come late at night and with whom they spend time, it is best to track their activities not by hiring a detective but with the help of tracking app.

Yes, there are several tracking and monitoring applications available that will help you keep a track on your kid’s activities and location. One such newly developed next-generation application is MFTracker. So, let’s know about this app from the beginning.

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What is MFTracker

It is a tracking and monitoring application that is mainly used for tracking the activities and location of a person. The application is available free of cost and does not require the user to have technical or computer-based knowledge to operate it. The application allows users to use its GPS tracker that will help users to know where their kids are at present. Now, you don’t have to every time call your kid to know where he or she is. Just install the app on their phone and get all the details traced.

Features and benefits of MFTracker for tracking location on cell phone

Features and benefits of MFTracker

There are various features offered by this application that help users to check out all the activities that they perform on their phone. The features are:

  • Keylogger– one of the best features that can help you know the security password of your kid’s device is a keylogger. The application will help you keystroke all the keys that are typed by the suspect on his or her phone. Moreover, you can get access to their account if you have their password.
  • Read out text messages– text messaging service is still used by large number of people so, whether it’s your spouse, kid or employee using text messages for chatting then you can read their conversation with this app. You don’t have to look into their phone to read it just use this app and read the conversation and know what is going on in their life.
  • Track call details– no matter whether it is incoming or outgoing calls, you can track the call details of your kid with the help of this app. With it, you can get other details like date and time stamp with the details of the person with whom your kid was talking.
  • Instant call recording– if you can track the call logs then why you step back on not recording the conversation. You can record all the conversations that are done by the target person. You can keep this recording and listen to it any time and as a proof to prove your partner guilty.
  • Ambient listening- you can listen to the surrounding noise with the help of this app. You just have to call the suspect and if he is telling lie to you will easily know about it by listening to the surrounding noise.
  • Monitor browsing history- you can monitor the browsed contents that your kid has browsed. With it, you can check which all sites he or she uses more and how much internet pack is used in a day.


So, whether you are a parent, spouse or employers, if you want to keep a track on your kids and want to know their all-time location then MFTracker is the best option for you. Hence you will know whether your employee is really in traffic due to which he is coming late to the office or not.